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5 Fashion Tips For Brides Tying The Knot Aboard A Yacht

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If you have decided to have your wedding aboard a yacht or other type of wedding boat, you have to consider how you will make your bridal fashion functional for the entirety of your wedding cruise. Below are a few fashion tips for the bride-to-be who is getting married at sea.  Low, Wide Heel or Flats Will Keep You Stable  Most wedding cruises stay in well-sheltered harbors or bays at low speeds, which means that you and your guests do not have to be worried about getting seasick or suddenly being tossed off your feet. However, decks can be slippery at any time due to the extra humidity over the water, and there will be a slight movement when the yacht changes speed or direction. For this reason, you should choose shoes that are flat or have a low heel. Sandals also keep the aquatic theme and can be dressed up with flowers or jewels to become a fascinating feature of your attire.  A Tight Hairdo Will Stand Up To Wind Most yacht weddings can either take place indoors or on a deck. If you opt for a deck ceremony, it is likely that there will be wind during the ceremony. This can quickly mess up your hair, blow around your dress, or send your veil flying. You should plan ahead for wind by selecting an appropriate hairdo such as braids if you have long hair or a naturally windswept look with secure clips near the front to keep the hair away from your face if you have short hair. A short, well-secured veil or no veil at all would be the best options for a deck ceremony.  If you choose to have your ceremony inside the yacht’s main room, then you will have more choices for your hair, veil, and dress.  A Colored Wedding Dress Will Show Up Against a White Yacht  Most large yachts for rent tend to be white. You should take this into consideration and consider a cream, off-white, or colored dress if you really want to stand out in photos taken around the yacht. If you are a sailor, you may want to add dark blue trim to your white wedding dress to complete the nautical theme and help you stand out aboard the yacht. Alternatively, you can ask about booking a yacht that is not white if your company has one available. A Short Gown Will Let You Move Around More Freely  You will likely want to make the most of your time on the yacht by seeing the view on each of the decks and spending time both inside and outside. This means that you will likely be going up narrow staircases at some point and walking outdoors on potentially slippery decks. To make sure you are comfortable and free to move, you may want to opt for a shorter dress, ankle-length or shorter, to avoid allowing your dress to trail after you.  If you want to have your ceremony in a long gown, you may want to bring a second dress and change after the ceremony or you may want to purchase a dress that bustles easily to become shorter after the ceremony.  Makeup Should Be Waterproof and Not Melt Easily  When you plan to spend an entire day or evening aboard...

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4 Las Vegas TV Weddings To Help Inspire Your Own Ceremony

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Las Vegas may be known as the city of lights, but it’s also the unofficial wedding capital of the United States. If you want to get married in Vegas, then there are a lot of different ways to plan the wedding. Las Vegas wedding chapels have been the focus of many television shows. Using these shows, you can take concepts and ideas to create the ultimate Las Vegas wedding of your dreams. Browse through the following four TV shows that have featured wedding in Las Vegas, NV and see how their themes and ideas can apply to a wedding of your own. Las Vegas – “Year of the Tiger” On the NBC show “Las Vegas,” the crew at the fictional Montecito casino has dealt with their fair share of weddings. One of the more unique stories came in the season 1 episode “Year of the Tiger.” A wedding was being held with 30 different couples at the same time. While it may be hard to find that many engaged couples for your wedding day, a group wedding is not out of the realm of possibilities. Wedding chapels have the room and services to provide a dual or even triple wedding ceremony. Your wedding can be made even more special by getting knotted with your best friends or even other family members. Once the wedding ceremony is complete, you have the ability to celebrate a group honeymoon in the city. Friends – “The One in Vegas” After traveling to London the year before, the “Friends” gang headed to Sin City for some gambling fun. In one of the more shocking season finales to ever air, Ross and Rachel left a wedding chapel in the middle of the night as a pair of newlyweds. This is one of the big benefits of getting married in Las Vegas. Many wedding chapels are open 24 hours a day, allowing you to have a ceremony under the stars or just before the sunrise. Not only can you host your wedding at any time, but a lot of times walk-in wedding ceremonies are welcome at the chapels. This means that you can head in and complete your ceremony within just a few hours. Chapels can supply everything you need for the wedding like tuxedos, flowers, and entertainment. CSI- “Malice in Wonderland” During the 12th season of “CSI,” fans were treated to an inventive Las Vegas theme wedding. Featuring an “Alice in Wonderland” theme, the wedding has costumed guests, whimsical decorations, and great music to go along with it all. Even if you’re not an “Alice in Wonderland” fan, wedding chapels in Las Vegas are open to all types of themes. Ideas include Elvis themes, Vegas showgirls, or another fantasy story similar to “Alice in Wonderland.” This includes “The Cat in the Hat,” “Lord of the Rings,” or “Beauty & The Beast.” Work with a wedding chapel to gather costumes, decorations, and even actors to play characters from the theme. WWE Raw – Triple H & Stephanie McMahon Wedding During a shocking segment on WWE Raw, Superstar Triple H interrupted Stephanie McMahon’s wedding ceremony to Test. During this interruption, Triple H revealed a video of his marriage to McMahon in Las Vegas just a few days before. One of the more unique parts of this wedding...

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5 Ways To Host An Eco-Friendly Wedding Ceremony

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A wedding is filled with a lot of decorations, party elements, and celebrations. During this one event, a lot of waste can occur through garbage, electricity, and driving. When working with your wedding chapel, you can make a variety of changes that will help reduce the carbon footprint of your wedding. The following five changes will still create an elegant event and help showcase your love for the environment. Many of the changes are easy to implement using current wedding chapel settings. Natural Lighting One of the easiest changes you can make to the wedding is by choosing natural lighting. Save a lot of electricity by letting the sun do most of the work. When the wedding occurs near sunset, you can have gorgeous lighting that helps set the mood and creates great photo opportunities. You can easily supplement the natural lighting with Eco-friendly forms of lighting. Soy candles or small fire pits can offer additional lighting and can create a romantic mood for the ceremony and reception. Potted Plants Flowers are a staple for any wedding, but after the ceremony, they can quickly go to waste and die. Instead of wasting flowers for one day, you can choose potted plants for the ceremony and reception. After the wedding, all of the plants can be placed back into the ground to grow and spread additional life. Work with local farmers and nurseries to access your flowers. This will help keep emissions down for the delivery and set up of the plants. Not only are potted plants ideal for the ceremony, but they can become great centerpieces for a reception. Depending on your wedding flower of choice, you can offer guests a small seed kit as a small gift for attending the wedding. This can help spread the growth of plants in the future. Rented Formal Wear Reusing tuxedos and wedding dresses can help cut down on the workload used to create new dresses. It’s a form of recycling that can still create memorable moments for your wedding day. When renting a wedding dress or tuxedo, you still have a variety of styles and designs to choose from. A dress or tuxedo can easily be fitted to your size and kept for multiple days to capture pictures as needed. Horse Carriage Rides A lot of wedding traditions include a limousine or special car that the bride and groom can drive off in. Instead of wasting gas and adding extra emissions to the air, you can enjoy a horse carriage ride after the ceremony. Horse carriages offer a formal touch, come in a variety of designs, and are a memorable way to leave a wedding. Carriage options for a horse ride include an open carriage, an enclosed carriage, or eliminating the carriage all together and riding off on the horse itself. Botanical Paper Products Paper waste can add up quickly at a wedding. Invitations, decorations, table seating cards and party favors can all consume a huge amount of paper, ink, and waste. One of the more Eco-friendly options is botanical paper. Botanical paper can be planted when it is done being used, so it directly gives back to the environment. Not only can you choose your custom paper options, but you can select from the types of seeds that you want...

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