4 Las Vegas TV Weddings To Help Inspire Your Own Ceremony

Las Vegas may be known as the city of lights, but it's also the unofficial wedding capital of the United States. If you want to get married in Vegas, then there are a lot of different ways to plan the wedding. Las Vegas wedding chapels have been the focus of many television shows. Using these shows, you can take concepts and ideas to create the ultimate Las Vegas wedding of your dreams.

Browse through the following four TV shows that have featured wedding in Las Vegas, NV and see how their themes and ideas can apply to a wedding of your own.

Las Vegas - "Year of the Tiger"

On the NBC show "Las Vegas," the crew at the fictional Montecito casino has dealt with their fair share of weddings. One of the more unique stories came in the season 1 episode "Year of the Tiger." A wedding was being held with 30 different couples at the same time. While it may be hard to find that many engaged couples for your wedding day, a group wedding is not out of the realm of possibilities.

Wedding chapels have the room and services to provide a dual or even triple wedding ceremony. Your wedding can be made even more special by getting knotted with your best friends or even other family members. Once the wedding ceremony is complete, you have the ability to celebrate a group honeymoon in the city.

Friends - "The One in Vegas"

After traveling to London the year before, the "Friends" gang headed to Sin City for some gambling fun. In one of the more shocking season finales to ever air, Ross and Rachel left a wedding chapel in the middle of the night as a pair of newlyweds. This is one of the big benefits of getting married in Las Vegas. Many wedding chapels are open 24 hours a day, allowing you to have a ceremony under the stars or just before the sunrise.

Not only can you host your wedding at any time, but a lot of times walk-in wedding ceremonies are welcome at the chapels. This means that you can head in and complete your ceremony within just a few hours. Chapels can supply everything you need for the wedding like tuxedos, flowers, and entertainment.

CSI- "Malice in Wonderland"

During the 12th season of "CSI," fans were treated to an inventive Las Vegas theme wedding. Featuring an "Alice in Wonderland" theme, the wedding has costumed guests, whimsical decorations, and great music to go along with it all. Even if you're not an "Alice in Wonderland" fan, wedding chapels in Las Vegas are open to all types of themes.

Ideas include Elvis themes, Vegas showgirls, or another fantasy story similar to "Alice in Wonderland." This includes "The Cat in the Hat," "Lord of the Rings," or "Beauty & The Beast." Work with a wedding chapel to gather costumes, decorations, and even actors to play characters from the theme.

WWE Raw - Triple H & Stephanie McMahon Wedding

During a shocking segment on WWE Raw, Superstar Triple H interrupted Stephanie McMahon's wedding ceremony to Test. During this interruption, Triple H revealed a video of his marriage to McMahon in Las Vegas just a few days before. One of the more unique parts of this wedding ceremony was that the couple got married at a drive through chapel.

Drive through weddings are a unique experience that can involve a romantic car, custom music selections, and a private tunnel of love. Once the drive through wedding is complete, you can drive away right towards your honeymoon. The vehicle choice that you have includes a variety of options including a convertible, limo, or classic car. Consult with a wedding chapel to see what types of cars they have available.

All four of those shows may have been fictional, but pieces of them can become a reality when used for your own wedding. While working with chapels, you can visit this page or use the clips from the show to help express your ideas and inspiration.