5 Fashion Tips For Brides Tying The Knot Aboard A Yacht

If you have decided to have your wedding aboard a yacht or other type of wedding boat, you have to consider how you will make your bridal fashion functional for the entirety of your wedding cruise. Below are a few fashion tips for the bride-to-be who is getting married at sea. 

Low, Wide Heel or Flats Will Keep You Stable 

Most wedding cruises stay in well-sheltered harbors or bays at low speeds, which means that you and your guests do not have to be worried about getting seasick or suddenly being tossed off your feet. However, decks can be slippery at any time due to the extra humidity over the water, and there will be a slight movement when the yacht changes speed or direction. For this reason, you should choose shoes that are flat or have a low heel. Sandals also keep the aquatic theme and can be dressed up with flowers or jewels to become a fascinating feature of your attire. 

A Tight Hairdo Will Stand Up To Wind

Most yacht weddings can either take place indoors or on a deck. If you opt for a deck ceremony, it is likely that there will be wind during the ceremony. This can quickly mess up your hair, blow around your dress, or send your veil flying. You should plan ahead for wind by selecting an appropriate hairdo such as braids if you have long hair or a naturally windswept look with secure clips near the front to keep the hair away from your face if you have short hair. A short, well-secured veil or no veil at all would be the best options for a deck ceremony. 

If you choose to have your ceremony inside the yacht's main room, then you will have more choices for your hair, veil, and dress. 

A Colored Wedding Dress Will Show Up Against a White Yacht 

Most large yachts for rent tend to be white. You should take this into consideration and consider a cream, off-white, or colored dress if you really want to stand out in photos taken around the yacht. If you are a sailor, you may want to add dark blue trim to your white wedding dress to complete the nautical theme and help you stand out aboard the yacht. Alternatively, you can ask about booking a yacht that is not white if your company has one available.

A Short Gown Will Let You Move Around More Freely 

You will likely want to make the most of your time on the yacht by seeing the view on each of the decks and spending time both inside and outside. This means that you will likely be going up narrow staircases at some point and walking outdoors on potentially slippery decks. To make sure you are comfortable and free to move, you may want to opt for a shorter dress, ankle-length or shorter, to avoid allowing your dress to trail after you. 

If you want to have your ceremony in a long gown, you may want to bring a second dress and change after the ceremony or you may want to purchase a dress that bustles easily to become shorter after the ceremony. 

Makeup Should Be Waterproof and Not Melt Easily 

When you plan to spend an entire day or evening aboard a yacht, it is important that you choose makeup that can withstand salty wind and the sun. Even if you spend the majority of your time in an air-conditioned room, a few moments on deck can wreck havoc on your makeup if you do not choose long-lasting options

Getting aboard a yacht can be an elegant adventure. It is important to dress appropriately to make the most of your special day.