4 Tips For Touring Wedding Venues

Selecting a location for the day that you are going to marry your best friend is a huge decision, and it is a decision that you don't want to mess up. It is also a decision that you need to tackle together, as a couple (a newly-engaged couple, by the way) early on in the decision-making process since it is going to have an impact on many of your other decisions, such as budget, vendors, décor, and more. Here are a few tips to have in tow as you embark on the journey of touring venues for your wedding:

Tip #1: Call/E-mail Ahead to Schedule Your Walk-Throughs.

You don't want to just show up at a wedding venue to tour it. Instead, you want to either e-mail or call ahead to schedule the tour for a time that is both good for you as well as a representative at the venue. While you have someone on the phone, ask any questions that you already have (before you do the tour) and then take a pen and paper with you for notes and any additional questions that pop up during the tour. Also, if you can, schedule your tour when the venue is decorated for a wedding so that you will be able to properly assess the venue's size to handle your wedding.

Tip #2: Don't Just the Book the First Venue You Tour.

There is nothing wrong with falling in love with the first venue that you tour. While it may be beautiful and check off all your boxes, make sure that you tour at least a couple of other wedding venues that are within your budget and wedding style. You never know that third venue that you tour may just have something unique, such as an outdoor foundation, that sets it apart from the first venue.

Tip #3: Take Pictures of Each Venue.

Make sure that you use your phone or a camera to take plenty of photographs of all areas of each venue that you can use later to compare the venues before deciding which venue you want to choose. Without these pictures, you may end up getting the venues jumbled up in your mind, especially if you are touring multiple wedding venues in a short span of time.

Tip #4: Pay Close Attention to the Venue's Lighting.

When a wedding venue does not have ample lighting, it can wreak havoc on your wedding photographs. After working so tirelessly to create the perfect wedding, you want to make sure that you have photographs to remember your special day.