4 Things To Ask When Planning A Mansion Wedding

For couples searching for the perfect wedding venue, a mansion is a terrific locale. Mansions tend to boast elegant decor and gorgeous grounds that create a stunning backdrop for your wedding photos. When planning a mansion wedding, here are a few things you should ask to assist with planning and preparing for your big day.

1. What areas of the mansion are included in your rental agreement?

Depending on the size and ownership of the mansion, you may not have access to all of the grounds for your wedding. Some of the grounds may be off-limits for events, or the mansion may be divided into multiple rentable sections to accommodate more than one event. Make sure that you understand what rooms and outdoor locations are included with your rental. 

2. Are there any restrictions regarding decor or use of the facilities?

Some facilities restrict the items that you can use for your wedding decorations or as part of your event. Your mansion may restrict the use of candlelight or require you to use certain types of containers to safely contain the flame. 

There might also be rules that restrict the types of vehicles or animals you can have on the grounds. Keep this in mind if you're interested in arriving in a horsedrawn carriage or having your dog serve as the ring bearer.

3. What items does the mansion provide?

A mansion that regularly hosts events will likely provide some of the equipment you need for your nuptials. Here are some items you should ask about:

  • Sound and video equipment
  • Outdoor speakers
  • A dance floor
  • Tables and chairs
  • Linens
  • Dishes
  • Outdoor tents

If the mansion doesn't include event items, plan to rent them or utilize a vendor who can provide them. For example, many wedding DJs will provide sound and video equipment if necessary. Caterers often have a package that includes linens and dishes for your tables. 

4. How is parking handled at the mansion?

Mansions with a small paved area may not have a lot of parking available for events. See how many vehicles the mansion can comfortably accommodate and plan accordingly.

Alternative options include utilizing a satellite location with a shuttle service or having guests carpool. A nearby property may also be willing to allow you to use their parking area. Or if you have a lot of guests who are visiting from out of town, you might arrange for a driver to take them to and from your wedding.