Thinking About Eloping? Tips For Pulling Off A Stress-Free Elopement Experience

Elopement can mean anything from sneaking off to a special place to marry your loved one in secret to planning a destination elopement accompanied by a few close friends. Pulling off a perfect elopement will require some planning, no matter how you choose to do it. Following a few tips will help you have the elopement wedding you dreamed about.

Be mindful of marriage laws

Marriage law varies in different areas and may require different documentation and forms. Having all the necessary paperwork ready when you arrive at your destination will help your elopement ceremony go smoothly. Doing your research now will save you a headache later.

Determine your budget

Sometimes elopements are thought of as cheap weddings, but that is a misconception that can lead to poor budget planning. You will need to determine if you are going to purchase an elopement package or use an elopement venue, such as the Hideaway Country Inn, versus only having a wedding officiant perform the ceremony. An elopement package will make it easier to plan, as it will include overnight accommodations, ceremony costs, etc.

Telling friends and family

It is not uncommon for couples to elope and not tell anyone until they return. However, weddings are events families and friends may look forward to attending. If you think feelings may be hurt, it is better to discuss your plans with your family or friends prior to eloping to help them understand why you are choosing to elope.

One option is to consider live-streaming your wedding event so your friends and family do not feel left out. This can soften the blow for those whose feelings may be hurt about missing your big day. You can also plan to hold a party upon returning to celebrate your wedding with friends and family.

Splurge on photography

You only have one chance to get photos of your wedding day. Spending a good portion of your budget on selecting a good photographer and videographer will be a decision you will not regret. Your photographer and videographer will be sure to capture the scenery and all the highlights from your elopement wedding in a professional manner.

Eloping is fun and romantic, and you will not have all the stress that goes with planning a traditional wedding. However, the best elopements are the ones that are planned rather than done on the spur of the moment. Planning your elopement will help create priceless memories of your beautiful wedding day.