Saying "I Do" In Paradise: Three Things To Keep In Mind For Your Tropical Beach Wedding

There are very few places as relaxing and welcoming as a tropical beach. Swathed in sunshine and the smell of salty air and fragrant flowers, the tropics can easily be called paradise for good reason. So what better place than a tropical location as your destination wedding? Before you hit the shores for your big day, there are a few things to prepare for that will make things go as smoothly as possible. Read on for three ways to make the sharing of your nuptials on a tropical beach the wedding of your dreams! 

First, the Forecast

When you think of the tropics, images of blue skies, crashing waves, and sun-lit flowers come to mind. While this is usually the case, you'll also need to remember that tropical regions come with their fair share of rain! The last thing you'll want on your wedding day is to be rained out because of an unexpected torrential downpour! Research the region you'll be getting hitched in well before your wedding day to get a good idea of when the rainy seasons begin and end. Not only will this increase the chance that your wedding day will feature sunny skies, but you'll also be able to enjoy the rest of your stay as well!

Lighten Up

You'll want to dress as light as possible for a tropical wedding on the beach. Remember that you'll be outdoors against the backdrop of the magnificent ocean so let nature take center stage. While you might have a traditional gown in mind, try to keep comfort as a priority. For dresses, opt for flowing chiffon that will evoke the romantic feel of a beach-side wedding. Tuxes can also be dressed down to instead be replaced with light dress pants and a button-down shirt. Go a step further and go barefoot, eliminating the feeling of trudging through sand in dress shoes! The feel of soft sand between your toes won't just feel great but will also serve as a sweet memory of your nuptials. 

Mane Matters

The hairstyle you wear to your wedding day will need to be something special yet appropriate for the beach. Updos are fantastic at keeping hair out of your face while providing an elegant look. A high ponytail creates a fun effect while a low bun or chignon can appear more refined. If you prefer your hair down, opt for beachy waves or even a crimped style for a fun twist! If you're worried about flyaways or your hair ending up in your face during a strong breeze, you can always put it up in a simple headband or tie back a portion. Remember that a swift breeze can easily cause a long veil to go haywire, so switch out that tulle for a crown of tropical flowers instead!

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